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Here are some quotes that my students have written about me on their written evaluations of my teaching.

--"Good comductor, fun, good teacher, can get our orchestra to get quiet (which is saying something)".

--"You come off as a good friendly teacher that gets respected by the individual people and the class as a whole."

--"... you helped me when I needed it the most."

--"I like when you stop us and make us work on dynamics, that makes us play better."

--"You are very fun and organized, you're not mean and are very likeable as a teacher."

--"Love the blue shirt and the pink tie."

--"You're a good teacher (I think)."

--"You are a good conductor and have a unique way of getting us to remember our mistakes."

--"You expect us to give our all and try our hardest. Plus, you're funny..."

--"You want 110% out of us and you want the best."

--"You're a really good teacher and you will do a great job as a teacher and you're very weird! (In a good way)."

--"You do examples. You make the class exciting. I like the songs you pick."

--"Um... you're a cool teacher, you're younger, and you can tell people something and they'll do it."

--"You're helpful, nice, and weird but cool."

--" remember our names, you know which instrument we play, plus your pink tie!"

--"Good luck finding a job and I'm sure your students will enjoy having an interesting orchestra teacher!"

--"You control the classes!"